Lighting Control

Layers of Lighting
Play off of One Another.
Dive in! Be immersed.

Lighting Control

Lighting control is the secret to creating ambiance. Unfortunately, in pursuit lighting control walls become littered with switches and dimmers. Custom engraved keypads and App controls eliminate wall clutter and add convenience. Stop running around the house turning off all the lights; instead, use a simple “Good Night” or “All Off” button that may also activate motion-activated security floods and a nightlight. With the touch of a button integrate your lighting with motorized smart shades to control natural daylight, make a space more comfortable, reduce heat from the sun, and protect furnishings from sun damage. In a environment where daylight is prized, control lighting to match the spectrum and color temperature of sunlight, creating circadian rhythm patterns where it feels as though sunlight itself reaches into the inner depths of the space. At Rittenhouse Electric we make it simple!