Adjusting Spot/Accent Lights

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My name is Corey, and I’ll be writing some entries about what we do here at Rittenhouse Electric.

We hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard, so when a recent client of ours asked for a landscape lighting layout that gave a high-end resort appearance, our lighting expert Adam Elkins set out to match the client’s preference in a stylish yet subtle manner.

I went with Adam recently to the client’s house to assist with aiming and positioning the accent lights across the property.  Most of these accent lights were what are traditionally called bullet lights; they are usually used to light trees and other tall structures with bursts of direct light. The two brands used were HK and Dreamscape Lighting.

These lights are equipped with a glare shield. When asked how he uses the glare shields, Adam responds: “I want to make sure, when you look out across the landscape, that the light from the source is shielded from the main viewing position.”

We walked around the property, setting and adjusting lights where they needed it. The property was beautifully landscaped, including a quaint vineyard and a majestic garden.

Most of the lighted subjects we were adjusting were the various trees lining the property. Adam explained to me the basic idea of how he incorporated the lighting into the trees: “You don’t just want to light the canopy; you’ll also want to graze the trunk with a soft light, which grounds the tree.”

In the front of the residence, Adam lit only the trees along the driveway. He explained this as a natural way to draw people’s attention to the house, guided along by a string of well-lit trees.

The client was very pleased with the landscape lighting layout. We had matched his expectations of a high-end resort quality with a stylish motif of minimalism.

We’ll be keeping you up to date on future projects like these, as well as interviews and testimonials from our lighting experts and outside associates who work with lighting in their day-to-day work.

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-Corey Lutz,
Rittenhouse Correspondent

Lighting Up Something More than Philadelphia’s Main Line

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