Lighting Control

Rittenhouse Electric is the recognized leader in lighting control design in the Philadelphia area.  Our seasoned sales people have Lutron Advanced Homeworks Programming Applications certification, the best in the industry. For lighting control projects, we handle layout and design, programming, materials, and consultation with your installer to ensure smooth installation and implementation of your project.


Aesthetic Appeal

  • Eliminate wall clutter by replacing large banks of switches and dimmers with a single engraved back-lit keypad for a neat, clean and streamlined look.
  • Add new design elements or complement the existing ones in your interior design with the wide variety of custom colors and styles of keypads, dimmers and other controls.

Convenience and Control

  • Preset “scenes” allow one-touch control of light levels in different “lighting zones” throughout the house.
  • Time Clock provides ability to program automatic changes in light levels to occur at certain times throughout the day. Includes preset times for sunrise and sunset each day.
  • Control your lighting, HVAC, and battery operated shades from your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.




Specializing in Lutron’s Radio RA2, Homeworks QS, and Lutron’s Battery Operated shades.