Function, Art, Sculpture
My Eyes are Drawn to your Frame
Luminescence Flows


What is it about decorative lighting that captivates us?  Is it the primordial warmth and glow of a fire?  Does it speak somehow to our inner selves?  Why does light captivate us on so many levels, physically and spiritually?  Fixtures are instruments of light.  In effect, lighting fixtures show us the world we would like to inhabit; a formal stately entrance hall, a sleek and modern kitchen, a relaxed and sunbathed pool house.  Fixture selection is an art form.  But, no!  The light fixture has to function, the fixture must provide the necessary amount of lumens for the space.  The fixture must provide the proper distribution so that trafficked areas are not in shadow:  fixture selection is a science!  At Rittenhouse Electric we believe that fixture selection is both art and science giving your space the perfect jewelry as well as functional light.